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Richard is based in the United Kingdom and has been a collector and researcher of vintage Heuer watches for many years. He has several collector websites dedicated to his research (see below) and is well known within the vintage watch community.


Richard has written three books about vintage Heuer watches. Heuer Autavia Chronographs 1962-85, Heuer Carrera Chronographs 1963-85 and Heuer Monaco Design Classic.


He recently decided to turn his passion for collecting vintage watches into a business and has established Heuer Central to buy and sell Heuer Chronographs. He is always available to chat about vintage Heuer watches and answer your questions, even if you are not buying or selling a vintage Heuer and can be contacted via the Contact page.


However it is recommended that if you're serious about learning and collecting vintage Heuer or have extensive questions you should buy the vintage Heuer books, which contain the answers and are exclusively available via

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