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Heuer Indy Prototype Chrome **Sold**

£0.01 (Sold out)

Serial - N/A - Year Unknown

Dial - Unique New Old Stock condition

Case - New Old Stock condition chrome plated case

Comments - A Prototype / Test watch with similarities with the vintage Heuer Monza. The movement is the Valjoux 7765, with the letter "P" presumably for Prototype stamped. The back case is stamped "Acier Inox 9803" inside and the case is unique to allow fitment of the Valjoux 7765 movement which is not used on the Heuer Monza model. This watch was supplied to me by the same ex Heuer, ex Chronoswiss watchmaker that worked with the well known Gerd Rudiger Lang who also supplied me with other test dials and prototypes (for the Monaco, Autavia etc). So far it is unique, as is its matching PVD Heuer Indy cousin. It comes fitted with original 20mm tropic band with acier inox buckle.