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Monaco 1133G (nos)

Carrera 3147N 1st exec

Autavia 2446cGMT







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Testimonials - A Few Kind Words

"Richard is a highly respected vintage Heuer enthusiast and known around the world as an authority on the subject. He has built an in-depth knowledge of the watches from years of collecting,  researching and study. His reputation in unquestionable and I have no doubt that this and his wealth of experience will translate into a successful sales site and many happy customers."


Paul Gavin - Heuer World - UK - January 2015

"Richard is very well known and trusted collector within the vintage Heuer watch community and his research into the vintage Autavia and Monaco is highly regarded. I can recommend him and his new venture personally and you can buy a watch from him with confidence!"


Jonathan Scatchard - Vintage Heuer - UK - January 201




"Richard has my respect as a true expert on vintage Heuer watches. He has his pulse on the vintage Heuer market and has a fantastic eye for quality. I am confident that those that buy from or sell to Heuer Central will be extremely happy with their watches and working with Richard."


Eric Wind - USA - Journalist -  January 2015

"Rich has encyclopedic knowledge of vintage Heuer chronographs (and some other leading brands as well), and he also has an uncanny ability to find the very best of these watches.  He has a great eye for watches, describes them accurately, and always deals with the utmost integrity.  Both novices and experts will do well to rely on Richard for some very special watches."


Jeff Stein – OnTheDash – US – March 2015